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NO THANKS ' are you ready to die, lp in Sal Si Puedes 4 Zine by Joe Carreno

This morning i awoke to a pleasant surprise in my inbox, a review of NO THANKS ' are you ready to die, lp in Sal Si Puedes 4 Zine by Joe Carreno.

here it is...

i want nothing and don’t want anything to do with order, rank orders and commands. i am as i am, a peasant who learned to read in prison, who experienced pain and death close by, who was an anarchist without knowing it, and today, now that i know, i am even more anarchist than yesterday, when i killed to be free.
an uncontrollable

when you listen to al jackson jr. (al green’s drummer) or jose larralde or artie shaw, a few who “forgot how to lie,” you forget everything. visuals are unnecessary. voids are filled, vessels emptied. nothing is real and so is everything. so, come on. jump in the fire! whoever said music was only entertainment was an asshole. it is not simple fodder to throw on when you jump on the treadmill to shed those fifteen, excuse me, fifty pounds. some commodities are made just for that thrill. the list is endless and very popular. but, this is no spectator sport. we are neither spectators nor sports. it’s not the most important thing in the world, but it can be, for about two or three minutes. we’ll join the party, work the angles. we’ll listen to the songs like kids, ready to play in the sand, open to the magic. it’s just notes and chords and someone screaming, bfd. it is, as i run around, yelling along to my favorite melodies:

are you ready? i’m not ready. there’s a kid over here bleeding his guts out for your silly dream.
are you ready? i’m not ready. there’s people dying and me that’s killing them and your fuckin dream.
are you ready? i’m not ready. to kill or die or fight or hate for someone caught in your fuckin dream.

demons be gone or welcome. no thanks was not ahead of it’s time, as some bofos believe. no thanks was a new york band that left little to the imagination. in fact, they left very little: a crazy demo; an ep; and some comp tracks. but that demo will knock ya toofless. it will light up all your synapses, like your homey blowing supercool smoke in your stupid little teenage face. this shit is savage, think sixteenth century european navigators. that savage. it’s all over the place but it’s right there. they always hit the landing, even when they don’t. hope you know what i mean. this is not some silly description of the latest “brutal” band. this group still matters, to me, and that’s enough. they were perfect for their time, because their time will always be now. donna damage is the voice of every generation. coarse, rabid and belligerent. yes it was the 1980’s but it will stand. i just listened to it this morning. and i will later today. i will give it another spin. what? do i speak of vinyl? rekkids? exactly. that’s what i thought. here, have some more:

i don’t care about the president, he’s the president of bullshit inc.
he just wants to sell you a car, starve your kid, be a star.
i don’t care about t.v., it’s the voice of bullshit inc.
you can watch it if you like, i don’t care, it’s your life.
i don’t care about radio, it’s the voice of bullshit inc.
last time they played something new was early 1962.

listening to music doesn’t have to be effortless. bands like no thanks or ratos de porao or caras de hambre or golpe de estado (e.l.a.) bring more than foots tapping. it is not complicated. keep it simple fool. those who still laugh and think (like miss damage), scream of a way other than the one embraced by he and mrs jones.

are you sure you know what you’re doing, mr. and mrs. america?
doesn’t look like it to me, mr. and mrs. america.
do you know who it is you’re killing, mr. and mrs. america?
killing for profit... mr. and mrs. america.

this little record is a loyal friend, that erratic one who seems to always be on a precipice. what’s not to love? hardcore. am i making it more than it is? donna damage, like bessie griffin and dawn crosby, will slap you upside the head, then ask, “are you ok? no? good. here’s another!” this voice just explodes out the box, a flying scissors kick to all the bullshit inc. she sounds like she is on fire. hopelessly on fire, like a vietnamese buddhist monk.
it’s always what i’m looking for. let’s give it the once over. are you ready to die? joined with just an asshole. these two hymns from her are very fast. was the demo recorded at two a.m. in a basement outside east lynwood? donna doing damage. very loud and clear. me want more. an american treasure, and i mean continental american, paleface. raspy and unkempt. like sam philips said, “imperfectly perfect.” a bass breakdown then “1-2-3 ...asshole!” i’ve heard a lot of music in my life, but this is up there with poly styrene and lhasa de sela. no joke. party’s over. she even laughs, but not like that. mind-blowing. i’d even call this one awkward and off a bit, so it is... delightful! she returns with that wicked laugh. who the fuck does she think she is? woman, the balls on you. are you ready? is all over the place and all up in your business. voice is solid and chaotic, could never tire of it. one of the greatest voices i have ever heard. papa lightfoot would understand. is this a song? it just falls apart, in a together kind of way.
great bass line, this is too much fun. this band makes me see stars. ninety seconds of something akin to a song. i know she is on something. can one sing like this sober? i hope not. here in lima, i raise my jugo de maracuy√° to demented vocals and the joys they bring. even on the crazy streets of callao and barranca.
all that talk about 80’s hardcore legends, we couldnt’ care less. legends aren’t even real, goofy. but i had never heard of no thanks until a few years back, even when discussing east coast punk bands. do you get how crazy no thanks was almost thirty years ago? that was 1982! this is fast. the guitar really does sound like a buzzsaw. this is way out there in many ways. i can only imagine how they hurt at a live show. poor kids. lucky kids.
strange days got the riffs and the choruses. so good, it kinda makes you wince. i’m now at the norris library at usc medical center, and i got the biggest smile here. these nursing geeks have no idea what they are missing. donna screams, “strange days... fuckin you up the ass.” the band is tight, in it’s own way, the riffs are good but donna damage is head honcho in this circle of ruffians. this record is a fuckin holy miracle of this or any age. the fire breathed by this messiah is a panacea never to be received by the masses. this type of magic could save millions. people should die for this. here. take hold the flame. i dare you. burn with her. the stakes are high.

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NO THANKS Vinyl and CDR's for sale


NO Thanks Ru ready to die 12" lengua armada records 2007
  Black vinyl (1000 pressed)

                                                                                                   Red Vinyl   (50 pressed)

* sold out @ distros , will be a collectors item

Sick of Fun compilation 2008 7 inch toothpaste green vinyl 
 ( No Thanks has one song on it)  

out of print   


No Thanks anthology(DEmo, Live @Cbgb, Are you ready to die ep) w 8 bonus tracks 2011 tour edition(insert) cdr 

No Thanks Demo 1982 with limited edition artwork 2006.

Live @ A7 cdr   not great quality recording but historic Jan 1983

Are you ready to die  ep

Navigator album 1993 on cdr.. JIMI, Donna and Jaime's post No Thanks project

Virus Dark Ages(mr modoreefer remaster) out of print ..

email:   for more info

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by Jack Whack
Big Sur wilderness 2003

Current mood:annoyed
Welcome to my whack attack. glad i left your american machine long ago. ive made peace with the dirt with time to spare. this is true renegade blogging, i have no electricity, my running water is a spring, i have a secret you would like to know. the depth of my content is impossible to describe.

                          nihilism: the total rejection of established laws and institutions.
                          zen: enlightenment by the most direct possible means.
                                        o.k. so this silly thing called zen nihilism that seems like all funny ha ha joke contradiction of terms would actually have a very transendant meaning; the quickest way to get a clue is to take your head out of the ass of  western civilisation. and any religion has to be understood for what they are, rules and laws created by ruling classes to control the masses, using incredible stories that don't pass the laugh test to scare and shame populations into subjigation. all religions begin with one common lie; the leaders have privilaged insight. second lie they all share is to say from this special vantage point they know how the universe and all in it were formed. and this lie is only used rally to prop up the whopper fib of them all; they know what will be of you after you are dead,and how you must behave in this life to avoid eternal torture or reincarnation, which sounds like perpetual suckass to me especially if you have to spend the rest of your lives in some hokey chanting meditation listening to some droll human at a workshop at esalen.      in this age if it is peace you seek  you must walk away from the machine. if  you are against our wars stop being part of the war. if you have a legit job a ligit home a legit car a legit family a legit way of spending your paper issued by the federal reserve then you are illegitimate. every luxury we have in this country has come by theft, war and slavery of whole nations and continents. we are as guilty as our depth of involvement in the system. so if you think king george has it all wrong, taking us down the road to distruction, take a look at where the other three fingers are pointing. it's not such a difficult processgoing into the wilderness and becoming a hunter gatherer, especially if there is someone to lead and teach. i learned on my own, that is whith the aid of many good books and occasional one on one human exchange. so if you need to free yourself from your guilty attachments do as many have, learn through contentment that happiness is a lie. personally i have no guilt in the destruction of all life, which our civilisation seems hellbent on. no guilt for me, i know all things are created to be destroyed. and energy is never lost. i just live like this because it's a blast and the habits of the humans in this modern culture are very annoying once you get away from it for a few years. perenial philosophy will heal your mind zen nihilism will set your psychoses free. sit back enjoy the show, it's what you came for.  
                                  a z.n. will never lie to you about the after death, you will be dirt, we all know that. go make peace with the dirt.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   todays quiz: how long does it take a steel beam to fall 1100 feet?
                                 when you have the answer think of the implications.
   till next time
 fear the jesus beard

Saturday, December 18, 2010

email Steven Blush/American Hardcore with your "opinion"


My email to Steven Blush in reference to American Hardcore 2nd edition.

Where do you get your info? It's FUN to trash folks you never met or interviewed. Do you write favorably about bands and people you like and dis those whom you either do not understand or have a distaste for. Did your nasty reference of me personally have anything to do with my criticisms of the first edition?. There are so many examples of incredible misogyny and favoritism in this so called idiotic hysteric yet distorted masterpiece of masturbation.  I could run on with obvious corrections and apologies you should make without being forced to legally, Steven!, the discography is full of  mistakes. And Yes, the No Thanks 7" "Are you ready to die"+ Demo/Live @ CBGB  has been reissued in 2007 on 12" vinyl/Lengua Armada records. Hows that for retarded shrill..ONE can't trash folks in print without repercussions. worm man.